Learner Profile

Sarah Barnes speaks to us about about completing BSB41412 Certificate IV in Training & Assessment.

Which program did you do with Workplace Dimensions? I have completed both Cert IV in WHS and Cert IV in Training & Assessment.

Tell us a bit about your work background and why you enrolled in the program. I work as a HSEQ Officer for a civil construction company and have a keen interest in workplace health and safety. A solid understanding of WHS assists me in doing my job well, which is why I undertook training in WHS. Our small company facilitates the professional development of its employees, and completing my Cert IV in Training & Assessment has allowed me to take an active role in this process.

Why did you choose to do this program with Workplace Dimensions? Workplace Dimensions was recommended by my manager in the first instance. Our company has used Workplace Dimensions on various occasions, and the feedback from my fellow colleagues has always been positive.

What did you get out of your participation in the program? I gained knowledge, skills and self-confidence – all of which have helped me improve both inside and outside of my usual work environment.

How did you find the pace of the 5 day face to face component of the program? It was challenging, but rewarding! The training was high intensity, and a lot was covered in 5 days – luckily for me, this is exactly how I like to learn. I feel as though I benefited greatly from the unique course design.

Do you have any feedback on the coaching from Workplace Dimensions staff? The trainers were wonderful and very knowledgeable in their respective areas. I would, however, like to see better recognition of prior learning for units already completed. I felt very comfortable and both trainers facilitated an engaging and memorable learning experience.

How do you think having this qualification will, or has already changed / improved or diversified your career? Both qualifications have allowed me to broaden my professional experience and engage in activities that I would have otherwise not been able to. My knowledge and skill base has been improved upon, and this can only be a good thing – for both my current and future employment.

Did you access funding and how did this benefit you? Our company was able to access some funding for training, which ultimately made the course(s) more affordable and enabled us to include enrol additional employees into applicable Workplace Dimension courses. This assists greatly with the overall professional development of individuals, and the company as a whole.

Would you recommend this program to others? I would definitely recommend training through Workplace Dimensions to other people!

About ACT Training Fund Authority

The ACT Building and Construction Industry Training Fund Authority (TFA) is the statutory body responsible for providing funding for the training of eligible workers in the ACT Building and Construction Industry. Workplace Dimensions has been granted funding to offer subsidised places in our 5 day Certificate IV programs to eligible workers in the ACT building and construction industry.