Santa’s checking another list twice: his gift safety checklist. Are YOU giving safe gifts? Follow the steps in the Product Safety Australia’s Safe Santa checklist to find out.

Have your checklist handy while you make your Christmas shopping list and take it with you while you shop.

On your phone? View the mobile version of the checklist (link is external).

Safe Santa checklist

Check your Christmas shopping for safety – whether you’re buying in-store or online.

Check before you shop

Check while you’re Christmas shopping

  • Any warning labels or safety information. The item might not be safe for the person you’re buying for.
  • Toys are age-appropriate. Check the age-grading on the packaging – it’s there for safety as well as child development reasons.
  • Toys for 3 year olds & under don’t present a choking hazard. Make sure no small parts can come off, and see if the toy can fit into a cylinder pencil sharpener or film canister (approximate diameter 32 mm), or better yet use the free Choke Check tool.
  • You’re not purchasing a banned product by mistake. Even ‘innocent’-looking products could be subject to one of the 22 permanent bans that are in place right now.

Check after Christmas

  • You can use the checklist after Christmas to help make sure your gifts and any toys for kids are safe.
  • If you have small children, make sure you keep button batteries (small, coin-sized lithium batteries) and any devices that use them out of reach – and dispose of used batteries immediately and safely.

Safe Santa’s tips for this holiday season

You’ve decorated the tree, now make sure your other festive decorations are safe! Some poorly-made festive candle holders may be flammable and could cause serious burns.

Toys with small, high-powered magnets might look like a great Christmas gift idea, but these magnets can cause serious injuries or death if children swallow them and are permanently banned in Australia.

With the warmer weather, families will be enjoying the great outdoors these Christmas holidays. Before getting out and about, check the ‘outdoor living’ category on the Recalls Australia website to ensure any products your family use haven’t been recalled for serious safety hazards.

Button batteries can quickly burn through a child’s oesophagus if swallowed. Check gifts and devices for coin-sized batteries and keep them out of reach of kids.

SOURCE : Product Safety Australia