mark-fee-photoMark Fee – Interview – BSB51315 Diploma of Work Health and Safety, Funded By Construction Skills Queensland.

I have had a very exciting work background that has seen me return to a safety role within the Civil Construction industry. It was around 1989 that I first got involved in Safety as part of my Naval career.  Whilst I had previously conducted training, it was time to update to the new world.  My knowledge base was already there, completing the BSB41415 Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety course would help to open up new opportunities and career advancement.  Sometimes experience alone just doesn’t cut it these days, you need to have the piece of paper.

What did you learn about safety that is going to make a difference to your work and an impact on others?

It wasn’t so much about learning something new but the program certainly sparked my “RAS” (Reticular Activating System – the part of your brain vital your ability to achieve goals) and bought to the forefront some aspects that may have become a bit hazy and gave me a new zing.

Why did you choose to do this program with Workplace Dimensions and we meet your expectations?

Our Group Training Manager had approached me and stated that the funding was available and I satisfied the criteria to receive the funding through Workplace Dimensions.  I was extremely happy to be conducting the training through Workplace Dimensions due to previously having conducted training through them and I knew of their high level of delivery.  Once again Workplace Dimensions did not disappoint.

Paul, the trainer was extremely knowledgeable and forthcoming with experiences to assist with the program.  There were other participants that were relatively new to the safety role and he allowed us all to feel comfortable to express our own experiences and knowledge.  Whilst the program is very intense and requires a level of commitment, Paul’s approach assisted to make a level of comfort and support that face to face training provides.  He is one of the few that has really imprinted on me, due to his own level of commitment to ensuring his trainees succeed.

Do you think it’s important for CSQ to fund people in the Construction industry to do this program?
Why or why not?

Funding was not critical to myself but certainly assisted. It is vital that CSQ continue to fund throughout the industry as there are some very talented people out there who would not be in positions if the funding was not available to train them.

Would you recommend this program to others?

I would and have recommended this program with Workplace Dimensions to others. The face to face and structure of the program was beneficial to a positive learning outcome.