Learner Profile

James Matts speaks to us about about completing BSB41415 Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety in Queensland.

james_mattsCan you tell us a bit about your work situation and why you chose to do BSB41412 Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety with Workplace Dimensions?
I was working in residential construction and wanted to professionally develop myself and I was really interested in safety. I saw that Workplace Dimensions had training funding from Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ), I was working on the tools in the QLD construction industry and met the criteria, so I was eligible for the funding. As casual employee the program being funded made a huge difference to me being able to afford the time off to do the course.  

How did you find the course? What were you expecting?
Was expecting to be lugged in a room with a bunch of other guys and have a trainer talk at me for 5 days – in my past experiences trainers I have had have never been industry proficient. I was surprised to find that Paul was over qualified – he brings his solid safety, security and life experiences into the training and can talk about what happens in real situations. He brings together the theory and the practice to give a sense about what happens in the field. It was awesome to know the guy knew what he was talking about and wasn’t there to waffle on from a text book.  

How did you find the pace of the course?
When you work in an active physical environment all day, sitting down for long periods can be challenging but Paul was able was make the program interactive for learners to fit with our needs.  Integrating role playing / game playing into the program was taken by everyone by both hands. 

Has doing the program changed the way you work?
The program changed the way that I read management and documents SWMA (Safe Work Method Statement) and JSEA (Job Safety Environment Analysis). Now I’m a lot more thorough and diligent with the way I review those documents – I want to know if management and engineers have ticked off every aspect of the project.
After I went back to work on site after the program, I asked the construction engineers for a blank JSEA (Job Safety Environment Analysis) so I could do it – they weren’t happy but at the end of the day, it’s me or one of the other 10 guys on the tools who are going to lose a finger or get stitches if things aren’t done properly.  

Was there anything unexpected that came out of the program?
I thought it was great how the participants came from a wide range of industries – it really expanded my horizons when someone from another industry would talk about an aspect of safety or risk in their particular workplace I’d never considered before.  Having people from all types of industries was also a great networking experience.  

How would you describe this course to an employer and how would their staff benefit for participating?
The Cert IV in Work Health and Safety integrates management with front line labour so they’re focused on the same things around safety – from a business owner’s perspective it would make their workforce much more efficient, productive and cost effective.  

Would you recommend this program to others?
If you want a course that gives you a better standing at work, helps you to be more employable and enables you to do more – this is it.

About Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) Funding

CSQ is an independent industry funded body supporting employers, workers, apprentices and career seekers in the building and construction industry. Visit http://csq.org.au We have limited funding available for Work Health And Safety qualifications for eligible people working on the tools in the  Queensland building and construction industry. Find dates and locations of our programs here>>