Dianne Simboro speaks to us about about her inspiring career and completing TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

Dianne Simboro imageDianne, tell us a bit about your work background and why you enrolled in TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. What did you hope to get out of the program?

I have had a vast and varied work background – I started out as a Commercial Artist and Piano Teacher on the side, then moved into Nursing and loved it. My career as a Nurse was interrupted by a working holiday that lasted 10 years – 8 of those years were spent overseas in a total of 25 countries. During that time I worked in whatever role that came my way, just to earn money to take me to the next destination, often picking up commissions for graphic design and calligraphy. Something I was particularly proud of was building a successful Art Business from scratch in just 13 months in Burkina Faso, West Africa with my African husband – all while struggling with the language and cultural differences.

After returning to Australia, I was interested in developing a service project for refugee women to gain financial independence and to overcome trauma associated with displacement, so I trained as a Life Coach and Master Practitioner of NLP, as well as gaining skills in business, marketing, sales and public speaking.

In the past 5 years I have worked in a voluntary capacity with survivors of family violence predominantly from ethnic backgrounds – initially just providing advocacy and support, but now I develop and deliver trainings to the women’s support groups. The results have been even better than I had hoped – empowerment of the women and sustainable positive changes in their lives. At the same time I was working as a Transcultural Mental Health Coordinator at ADEC, delivering workshops on Cultural Awareness and Stigma Reduction, developing service projects to assist clients with disability and their carers, plus working on changes at a policy level.

So back to the question, why did I enrol in TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment?
My relevant experience didn’t seem to matter when I was applying for jobs as a trainer, the minimum requirement was the Cert IV TAE. What I wanted as a result of doing the Cert IV TAE was to have more doors and employment opportunities open to me – that has certainly been the result.


Why did you choose Workplace Dimensions to do this program with?

Initially I enrolled with another organisation to do the training online and in just two days I could see that they were seriously incompetent (not a word I use easily) – the communication within the organisation was almost non-existent and I had serious concerns about their ability to deliver what was promised.

Then I received an email at work about Workplace Dimensions delivering a face-to-face training scheduled to start at exactly the right time for me and the bonus was that I discovered that I was eligible for the subsidy. After my first phone conversation with Paula and the prompt and professional follow-up, I committed to do the training with Workplace Dimensions and cancelled the other enrolment.

I am accustomed to dealing with businesses that are run professionally and efficiently – it instills confidence that they can deliver what has been promised. Workplace Dimensions has exceeded my expectations before, during and after the training – doing even more than promised – so I am a bit of a raving fan.


What did you get out of your participation in the program?

First of all I got my TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, but watching Bruce and Mel deliver the training was a lesson in itself. Both have had a lot of experience and I observed their different strategies to deal with the challenges of training a number of adults from many different professions, ensuring each person was heard and that the group functioned as a cohesive whole – I thought that was testament to their ability as trainers and I have adopted some of the strategies I found most effective.

The other thing I got was a lot of knowledge about other people’s area of expertise, as we were practicing our presentations. As we rotated among the groups I was able to see what really worked and what actually needed some work for myself and for others – ongoing refinement and development of presentations from honest feedback. Plus I poached some cool ideas from other presenters – none of which I would have got from doing the training online.


How did you find the pace of the 5 day program?

I will be honest, the training is intense and it requires full commitment from both the trainers and the participants. Bruce and Mel provided the level of support needed to ensure we could all keep up with the pace of the program. They also provided space within the program for time to work on our assessments and were always ready to assist each individual as needed. I really do not think I would have been able to complete the training if I hadn’t done it face-to-face, because the trainer’s support was vital to my success.


How do you think having this qualification is going to change / improve or diversify your career?

TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment is the minimum requirement when seeking a role as a trainer in any field. I love teaching and I especially enjoy the challenge of communicating so effectively, so that I make something complex seem easy. Now I have the qualification that will provide me with opportunities to do what I love and because my career path has been so varied, I have more choices.

Also, what I have learned will help me in refining the training I have already developed so they can become registered certificate courses. A long-term goal, which I am already working on with two colleagues, is to establish a holistic agency for families experiencing family violence. A huge part of that will be training other service providers in the sustainable solutions that we have already developed.


Would you recommend this program to others?

I have already recommended Workplace Dimensions programs to a number of people and will continue to do so.
As I said I am a raving fan.

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