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Alison Wright speaks to us about about completing the TAELLN411 Address Adult Language Literacy and Numeracy, a unit that helps trainers and assessors to understand diverse learning needs.

Alison Which program did you do with Workplace Dimensions?

TAELLN411 Address Adult Language, Literacy and Numeracy Skills.

Tell us a bit about your work background and why you enrolled in the program.

I spent over twenty years working in newspapers – long hours and lots of stress. After getting really run down in my early 40’s I started taking better care of myself and was amazed at what a difference good nutrition made in improving my energy levels and mood. When I was given two years notice that the print plant where I was working was closing down, it was the catalyst I needed to change career.

I started to study nutrition and subsequently qualified as a nutritionist about 3 months after I was made redundant. In my last year at the print plant, I developed and implemented a Healthy and Wellbeing program for all the staff who were being made redundant, to help them improve their energy and resilience in order to cope better with the changes they faced.

The program got great results and went on to win an award at the National Safety Awards in Sydney. I realised that I had a passion to educate and help people to make simple, achievable changes to their overall health and sense of wellbeing, and with this in mind I enrolled to get my Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and the subsequent TAELLN411 Address Adult Language, Literacy and Numeracy Skills. I wanted to develop a series of workshops and seminars to deliver in both corporate and community sectors – the training and assessment qualifications meant that I learned how to make these sessions effective.

What I learned has been incredibly beneficial in my new career, it has helped me to develop and deliver training sessions which can start to encourage real, behavioural change and has also helped me find work teaching nutrition in the VET sector.

Why is understanding learner needs important for your work?

It has proved invaluable to me when I am teaching a classroom full of mature students from a whole range of different backgrounds. I also use the skills I learned when developing and delivering content for my own nutrition and lifestyle workshops. The qualification has made me consider how I get my message across, how I deliver content and importantly how to engage with the audience and ensure that everyone understands the key points and message– be it students or employees.

Why did you choose to do this program with Workplace Dimensions?

To be honest I googled the qualification and then checked out what was available. Workplace Dimensions got great reviews, was close by and had a range of dates to choose from. Contact with the organisation was always professional and the learning space was really excellent.

What did you get out of your participation in the program?

A really good understanding of the subject, the need to ensure that training is tailored to individual needs and how important it is to be clear. Information can be given out in different forms, people learn in different ways and as a teacher and educator, we need to have the skills to deliver to diverse audiences.

How did you find the pace of the day face to face component of the program?

I love face to face learning, and Workplace Dimensions ran this component really well. The pace was just right, the group moved through the content expertly and it was a really fun day. I came away feeling that I had a good grasp of the subject and was keen to start applying what I had learned.

Do you have any feedback on the coaching provided from Workplace Dimensions staff?

Positive feedback – our program was engaging and fun, I remember laughing a lot! The trainer created a non-threatening learning environment so we all felt comfortable sharing experiences. We were all good friends by the end of the program!

How do you think having this qualification will, or has already changed / improved or diversified your career?

The program taught me how to make content accessible to everyone, and to cater for diversity. It made me focus on clarity and providing the information in different ways so as to be understood by all participants. In terms of my corporate workshops and my teaching, it has helped me to engage the participants, which in turn ensures the information gets across. Put simply, it has meant that my teaching and facilitating has been well received and led to more work. I really enjoy educating, and these skills have proven invaluable.

Would you recommend this program to others? Absolutely – 100%

Alison is the founder of Alimentary who provide nutritional consultations and workshops ranging from Corporate Health and Wellbeing right down to the individual level.

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