Winning tenders is the result of 5 key elements

At Workplace Leadership Dimensions, we work closely with companies in their tender process and often get asked to partner on large tenders as part of their winning tender team.

Here’s what we see makes a winning tender bid.

1. Know the tender evaluation criteria, and write to it.

With tenders, don’t just dump your corporate spiel into their template, take time to understand what they want and articulate why your experience, expertise and capabilities make you the best choice. Don’t skip answers. Work out the evaluation criteria, attend the pre briefings and write to what you see/hear. Never underestimate the value of case studies, testimonials, referees and staff bios which demonstrate your best work and, most importantly are relevant to the tender.

2. Make sure tender writing is succinct.

No one assessing the tender has the time to read waffle – and that might be a sign to them you don’t really have the expertise you’re claiming. How specifically are you and your organisation going to add value? Make it easy for them to get the answers they need, in the language of the industry you’re pitching to. Leave enough time for proof reading your tender. Typos and poor grammar can mean your tender submission quickly hits the bin.

3. Ensure your people are highly trained.

Training in Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) ensures your people have the knowledge to deliver on the requirements of the tender. WHS training gives construction companies a competitive edge when their people are trained and qualified – resulting in fewer injuries, less work cover claims and a high industry reputation. Check out our Industry funding for WHS programs.

4. Have a dedicated tender presentation team.

Develop your best people in to a polished presentation team with the confidence and expertise to nail the tender presentation once you’re shortlisted. Need to train up your in pitching? Know when to be short, sharp and impactful vs conversational, consultative and free form? Check out our ‘The Art of Training, Presenting and Facilitating Program’.

5. Innovate and add value.

What else can your tender team bring to the response over and above what they’ve asked for? How can you gain a competitive advantage by your organisations ability to innovate or add value to what they’ve asked for? What will make you stand out in the tender process so you are seen as a credible and low risk, yet exciting choice?

If you would like to partner with Workplace Dimensions to boost your bids, please contact us or call 1300 453 555