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We’re here for one reason – to give you the skills to move forward in your career. Whether you’re wanting to progress in your current role or looking to build on the skills you’ve already gained and enter a new role, Workplace Dimensions gets you where you want to be with the best industry focused training available. You’ll benefit from our 27 years of experience in training and developing people within Australia’s largest organisations, tailored to what you need for your industry.
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Why learn with Workplace Dimensions?

We’ve been in your industry

We’ve worked across many industries, from construction, government, corporate, utilities, mining, aviation, retail, transport, manufacturing, health and insurance. Our facilitators aren’t the ‘chalk and talk’ type – they bring years of industry specific experience to their training, combined with the latest learning methods, to make sure your experience is tailored to the way you learn best.


You'll learn what you need

We’ve taken the learning techniques we’ve developed to train thousands of learners in Australasia’s largest organisations and made them available to you. Our facilitators train in a way that makes the information stick and gives you the skills to use what you learn in the training room in your industry.

Face to face programs and online

Focus on your learning in an interactive face to face or live-online environment with a group of peers and a skilled facilitator with extensive industry experience. Our activities are designed to support the completion of your assessments and if you need it, coaching is also available to support you with completing your assessments after the facilitator lead learning program is complete.

We support you

The Workplace Dimensions team are committed to supporting you during and after your classroom sessions,
to make sure you succeed in gaining the competencies to get your qualification.

The National Centre for Vocational Education Research surveyed our learners.
Here's what our learners said:


97% were satisfied with the overall quality of our training


93.7% would recommend our training


96.4% would recommend us as their training provider.


89.3% achieved their main reason for doing the training.

Source: National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) Australian vocational education and training statistics 2019
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5 tips for working successfully with subcontractors

5 tips you should do to meet your WHS obligations and make partnering with your subcontractors run smoothly. Find out about our live, interactive and online 1-day Subcontractor Management program.

Why train apprentices in WHS?

Hiring an apprentice means committing to giving them the training, skills, knowledge and mentoring needed to help them to excel in their role. Businesses are always implementing new ways to improve internal WHS standards and there is a huge benefit in having worker...

Why self-paced online training isn’t for everyone – and how LDN do online differently.

Hasn’t the world changed? In a short period, we now have a ‘new normal’. For some, this has meant working from home, for others, reduced hours, being stood down, or unfortunately retrenched. What has become certain is that life is uncertain.   Yet, the need to...

Leading through uncertain times – how to be a leader through the COVID-19 response.

How can leaders make things feel as normal as possible to support ‘business as usual’ when we’re certainly not in a ‘business as usual’ environment?  So here we are at the beginning of a seismic disruption to workplaces all around the world with the COVID-19 response....

WHS Learner Profile – Kevin Walker

Kevin Walker undertook the BSB41415 Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety* (superseded), a nationally recognised qualification which trained him to identify hazards in the workplace, assist with responding to incidents, assess and control risk, and consult on work...

How you can run an effective toolbox/pre-start meeting

Running toolbox meetings? These six handy tips ensure your meetings remain time well spent and continue to effectively convey your safety messaging to your team.

Funding is now available for those in the building and construction industry in QLD

Ready to launch your 2019 WHS career in Queensland? If you’re working in Queensland’s construction industry, you could be eligible for a funded place in our highly rated nationally recognised WHS programs.

Five lessons in leadership from the Thai cave rescue mission

What does the successful Thai cave rescue mission teach us about leadership? Plenty.

6 reasons to train face-to-face in an online world

For all the benefits of having the world of knowledge stored in your pocket, face-to-face training is still best. We explore why countless organisations invest in face-to-face training to deliver the best learning outcome.

Insights into our training program design and delivery

We interviewed our lead instructional designer who explains why high quality instructional design and delivery is crucial to engagement and the successful transfer of knowledge or skills to learners.

10 insider tips how to nail presentations

Great public speaking skills influence action and anyone can learn to present like a pro. Find out what insiders already know and how you build and use presentation skills to step up your career.

Patrick Doyle – WHS Student Testimonial

Queenslander Patrick Doyle speaks to us about completing BSB41415 Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety, the importance of funding and how we exceeded his expectations.

Learner Profile – Mark Fee Dip WHS

Mark Fee – Interview – BSB51315 Diploma of Work Health and Safety, Funded By Construction Skills Queensland. I have had a very exciting work background that has seen me return to a safety role within the Civil Construction industry. It was around 1989 that I first got...

What Our Learner Say About Our WHS Programs

Over the past 3 years I have completed 2 courses through Workplace Dimensions. Both of these were funded by Construction Skills Queensland. In December 2013, I attended the Certificate IV in WHS. This was delivered over a 5 day week, (in-class), with a small case...

Alison Wright – TAELLN411 Address Adult Language Literacy and Numeracy

After twenty years working in newspapers, Alison changed careers and developed a series of workshops and seminars to deliver in both corporate and community sectors.

Learner Profile – Sarah Barnes

Sarah Barnes speaks to us about about completing BSB41412 Certificate IV in Training & Assessment. Which program did you do with Workplace Dimensions? I have completed both Cert IV in WHS and Cert IV in Training & Assessment. Tell us a bit about your work...

Learner Profile – Dianne Simboro

Dianne Simboro speaks to us about about her inspiring career and completing TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Dianne, tell us a bit about your work background and why you enrolled in TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. What did you...

Learner Profile – James Matts

James Matts speaks to us about about completing BSB41415 Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety in Queensland. Can you tell us a bit about your work situation and why you chose to do BSB41412 Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety with Workplace Dimensions? I was...

Learner Profile – Natalie Armstrong

Natalie Armstrong speaks to us about TAELLN411 Assessing Adult Language Literacy and Numeracy (LLN). Learner Profile Natalie Armstrong, RoadTek QLD As Workplace Training Coordinator, what does your day to day role entail at RoadTek? I assess the training needs of all...

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What our learners say about our programs

An excellent course presented in a manner that was easy to understand and informative. The best lecturer I’ve ever encountered.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone working in the industry!

The whole program was fantastic, thank you Kevin and the Workplace Dimensions team.”

“Where would I start? Beginning with the legislation to reticular activity system, attitude-behaviour-consequences, i.L.E.A.D, SMART are some of the tools, guides and other techniques I have learnt doing the course that I will utilise in my workplace. 

I couldn’t be more impressed with the way this course was conducted. Paul Johnston (facilitator) is a true professional and delivered the information in a manner that meant all participants were able to get involved and, ultimately, learn. Great job Workplace Dimensions.

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