Feedback – what people are saying about us

FeedbackHere’s just some of the feedback from participants after completing Workplace Dimensions programs.


BSB51315 Diploma in Work Health and Safety

“Gave me a better understanding of where my business should be at and steps towards getting there.
Feel like my knowledge learnt will be reflected extensively in my role in my workplace.” Michael E. Brisbane

“Great program with excellent content which is delivered well.” Roy T. Brisbane.

“Very practical, balanced & well presented.” Michael B. Brisbane.

“The course is concise, relevant and expertly presented.” Bruce P. Brisbane.

“I recommend this course to anyone wanting to further their career in WHS” Ben M. Brisbane. 

“This was a comprehensive and interesting training course. I enjoyed it”. Neil W. Brisbane.

“It’s practical safety” Cameron D. Brisbane. 

“I would highly recommend this Diploma to anyone working in the industry” Roy K. Brisbane. 

“Very well delivered by industry professionals” Edwin R. Brisbane.  

 Certificate IV Work Health and Safety

“I found the entire program useful and will take and use as much as possible back to influence and educate as many other workers as possible” Troy R. Brisbane.

“The course was fresh and materials and methods used to convey these important areas of WHS will be beneficial in my business to assist in improved WHS outcomes” Graham C. Canberra

“A well-constructed industry relevant course” Paul S. Brisbane

“I couldn’t be more impressed with the way this course was conducted. Paul Johnston (facilitator) is a true professional and delivered the information in a manner that meant all participants were able to get involved and, ultimately, learn. Great job Workplace Dimensions.” Allan D. Brisbane

“An excellent course presented in a manor that was easy to understand and informative. The best lecturer I’ve ever encountered.” Al C.  Brisbane

“I found this course informative and well delivered. The facilitator knew his topic/subject and included all participants equally despite differing levels of participant WHS knowledge” Kate P. Canberra

“If you think you will gain something out of the program you will be surprised at how much more you will gain that what you expected.” Steve L. Brisbane

“A well-constructed industry relevant course in work health and safety.” Paul S. Brisbane


BSB40812 Certificate IV in Frontline Management

(This program has been superseded by BSB42015 Certificate IV in Leadership And Management)

“If you need to develop REAL leadership skills this is the course and the company to do it with.” Mark J.  Melbourne

“The best run course I have been to in 30 years in the industry” Stuart R.Canberra

“The Certificate IV in FLM was an excellent practical course that uses real examples to teach leadership. Many of the topics were familiar to me but the way Scott (facilitator) delivered the topics improved my understanding” Geoff B. Canberra

“I learnt just as much about myself and why I behave in certain ways in different circumstances as I did in how my team responds to me and my actions – it has been enlightening” Angela E. Melbourne

“An amazing experience. I learned whole new ways of thinking and the tools to put them into practice. Intense, challenging and fun.” Daniel S. Melbourne

“More than just a Certificate IV, well worth the time investment” Nick Z. Canberra


TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

“I am in the process of job-hunting and having the TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment will certainly make a difference in my applications. I want to thank the entire Workplace Dimensions team once again. It is such a professional and efficient organisation and all of the staff I have connected with are clearly invested in the success of their students. I am singing Workplace Dimensions’s praises to however will listen, knowing that I am more than happy to stand behind my recommendation.”  Dianne S, Melbourne.

“Many thanks and high recommendations to Workplace Dimensions who provided me with the opportunity to complete my Certificate IV Training and Assessment in Melbourne in a week!! Outstanding shout out to my trainers Bruce and Mel for the insane ride of “what you can do if you apply yourself”. I honestly had no idea what to expect but by the end of it all I knew this was probably one of the best career choices so far in my life. I eagerly await the opportunities paved by this new found knowledge and experience. Recommended over anything else out there. Honestly. Also a big thank you to my class filled with awesome colleagues who made the journey an absolute blast!!” Adryan S. Melbourne

I definitely enjoyed another of your courses and found the instruction to be of a high standard. I particularly like Paul Johnson (facilitator), I find him to be a wealth of knowledge and extremely professional.” Allan C. Canberra.

TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment in Melbourne by Mel and Bruce was, to put lightly intense. The good kind though. The kind of intense that camping reminds you of. There were also puns and jokes to be had by all. Knowledge was leveraged and training was tailored to each student. All 20 of us took something unique away. That’s what made it ‘excellent’ as these 5 stars represent. It was making what could ultimately be a terribly boring subject, inspirational and engaging. If you’ve read this far down, then you need to jump on board NOW. You have my thanks.” Adam R. Melbourne

“I have just completed the five day intensive TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment in Melbourne. A fantastic week of professional development facilitated by Mel and Bruce – two people who certainly bring years of expertise, life and fun to the course! Both facilitators worked hard to create a supportive and positive atmosphere where fellow learners are encouraged to support each other. I have gained and an immense amount of knowledge and skills and feel ready to hit the ground running back in my workplace. The five day format will suit those who are willing to be disciplined and work hard. It does require at home preparation in the evenings but is definitely achievable with the support and encouragement provided. Highly recommended. Thank you for a great week!” Adele C.  Melbourne.

“Through this program I was able to develop tangible and relevant skills that will help me grow as a leader in my workplace.”  Stacey B. Melbourne

“Great course, amazing how much can be learnt quickly when it’s done right” Casper T. Melbourne

“A very full, rich and enlightening five days. Workplace Dimensions never let me down with the quality of content and delivery.” Mark H. Melbourne

“I must admit, having worked in Learning and Development for the past 16 months designing and delivering training and also studying primary teaching at university, I was extremely apprehensive about completing this certificate and have been putting it off for some time. After the first 30 minutes of the course, I quickly realised how wrong I was! I was hooked! Not only was the group unique and diverse, the expectations were clearly defined and an overview of the week given from the outset. The content flowed well and was easy to understand. Observing the rest of the group, the other participants were equally impressed and should deliver nothing but glowing feedback.” Josh C. Canberra

“Scott’s delivery of this course was engaging and effective. His compassion and flexibility was unreal! Will be booking  my third Workplace Dimensions course!” Alana M. Canberra

“Workplace Dimensions ran an exceptional course. Delivered by a highly enthusiastic and competent trainer in Scott Gilmore. I highly recommend them!!”  Danny R. Melbourne

“Most interesting course I have ever attended.” Graeme W.  Melbourne

“The facilitator was a fantastic trainer who knew how to reach a variety of different people. Highly recommended.” Darian M.  Melbourne


TAELLN411 Adult Language, Literacy and Numeracy Skills

“An excellent course to gain an understanding of how to address (Adult) Language Literacy and Numeracy needs in training.” Ray R. Adult Language Literacy and Numeracy Unit,  Sydney

“We were all very happy, in particular to be able to finish this off, but to do so painlessly. We thought Bruce (facilitator) was great too. He knows his stuff and is ever so helpful.” Pam B. Adult Language Literacy and Numeracy Unit,  Melbourne

“Excellent learning environment and great facilitator.” Joesph B. Adult Language Literacy and Numeracy Unit,  Sydney